Oat Flakes

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Oats, are the edible grains of  Avena sativa, a cereal which is widely cultivated as livestock but also for human consumption. As a cereal, it is considered to be in the base of the Mediterranean diet and it rich in soluble fibre, vitamins and trace elements.

It has been said that Greeks and Romans utilized oatmeal in their bath to nourish the skin. The tradition has never been abandoned and today you can find oatmeal in a variety of skin care products. 

Oat flakes, oat flour (finely ground) and colloidal oatmeal are very popular in cosmetics manufacturing for their soothing and gentle exfoliating properties. Oatmeal soaps have many ethousiastic followers since they gently scrub away debris which collects on the skin’ s surface while leaving it smooth and rejuvenated.