Olive oil

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Since ancient times, olive oil has been known for its beneficial properties.

It is a natural antioxidant packed with vitamins and minerals – a precious skin care product itself. Olive oil protects and nourishes skin and unlike so many other moisturizing factors, it forms a breathable emollient film which attracts external moisture without blocking its natural functions.

Olive oil is a perfect basic material for producing natural, vegetable soap. Olive oil soap, probably the finest soap you can find, is mild and creamy, safe for sensitive skin and babies. Its lather is mainly of the rich, stable type, beeing on the top rank for the oils used in soapmaking for that. Bubble lather is a bit less, but in cosmetics, stable lather is what really matters. Olive oil soap has very good cleansing and moisturizing qualities and leaves skin soft and naturally hydrated.