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Τhe brand VOL, which stands for our natural soap products, is an abbreviation of the name of our Company VIS OLIVAE.

The Latin word VIS means power, strength, vigor, vitality. We find it in the philosophical term VIS VITALIS, which means vital force. The word OLIVAE, from Latin OLIVA ,means "of the olive tree".

The two words together mean " The Power of The  Olive Tree" reffering to the vital role of this blessed tree around the Mediterranean Basin, which in terms of energy and economy (trade) was major driving force of the Greek and wider Mediterranean civilization. We remember the contest of Athena and Poseidon on the rock of Acropolis-to be, in which Water (the fundamental element of life) came short to the Olive Tree as the most important divine present to the early Athenians.

It can be argued that it was the "vital force", the "essence" that ran inside the culture of the Mediterranean populace for centuries, offering coherance and provocing its evolution. Olive Oil was used as human food, light source, means of beauty and care of the body, and worship item in most rituals. Very often, almost always, it was used in medicine as a solvent, extractor or base for other medicines and herbs but also as a stand-alone medicine.

VOL stands as a root of many words with important meaning. It produces words reffering to will, pleasure, pleasure flight, quantity as volume and intensity, explosiveness . It may surprise some, but the essence of our products is perfectly expressed by the brand name VOL. It looks like the root spanned through centuries and languages of  mediterranean populations to fully represent a product that is desired, anyone seeks it with strong will and intensity, a product the use of which provides intense pleasure and an excelent sence of well - being and energy .

Our brand name and our products means all these to us  .
We are confident, based on knowledge, tradition, quality and respect to you, that it will soon mean the same to you: a brand of excelence and quality.

Traditional, Natural, Handcrafted, Olive Oil Soap from Kalamata, Greece.
by Vis Olivae.