A bit of history

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From Magic to Science...
From Tradition to Innovation …
And Yet... The Magic Is All There!
In A Clear and Natural Way!

Back in the sixties, in our small town, when still economy was of the traditional family type, one of the most exciting chores was making soap for the needs of the family.

It was a mystery business.

Old women of the family assisted by the most trusted neighbors gathered together, now at our backyard, next day at another backyard to make soap.

Everything had to be in order.

They should be clean in every aspect, they should not open their mouth to let evil spirits go in, they kept the doors closed to let out the evil eye, and then… they started mixing the ingredients on the big iron pot on a low fire with a big wooden stick. To our kid eyes it looked like they practiced witchcraft and the scarce half words that came out of their closed jaws were heard like magic spells.

Time and by, after pouring in the pot now this, a little later that, mixing and back again, time came to put a raw egg in the pot, to confirm that things were good enough and the soap was ready.

Next day they cut the soap and after letting it dry, they used it first to wash the little dirty devils, us, the kids of the family.
Everybody can understand how this effective witchcraft – or shall I say chemical process- affected my memories, and other children’s too.

Much later, having our own oil and this childish memory, a bunch of us, all educated people on science and culture, decided to decipher the magic code of soap making for our pleasure at first and for the people who think like us, later. Those people that treasure traditional, natural, handmade products with history and... a little bit of magic. Of course, now science and deep knowledge is the first violin in the process orchestra, but the only thing that is new in the process is that now we know exactly what we are doing!

Well, so much for the magic? Did it end so ingloriously?
Of course not! You can find it filling the space around.
It catches your eyes with nature’s amazing colors...
It catches your smell with excellent, familiar and yet exotic scents…
It treats your skin gently and efficiently…
It feels so soothing and rehydrating…
It keeps you clean and confident.