Privacy Policy


Registration as a member to is governed by the terms that follow. If a visitor-user does not agree with the Terms, he should not proceed with this procedure.

The visitor, after having given his personal data, has to choose a username (username/email) and a password. With these, he can make use of the services of

In addition to these, specific information is asked in order to ensure the legality of the transaction and issue the legal invoices as well as for the protection of those taking part in the transaction. It is possible that information concerning the visitor/member be asked (name, profession, e-mail, date of birth etc.) so that he can be informed about services that might be of interest to him, if he agrees to. Under no circumstances are promotion messages sent to the user, if he doesn’t choose the corresponding service of promotion material.

Finally, it is possible that information, which is disconnected to the personal data of the user/member, is gathered for statistical purposes. This procedure complies with the legislation concerning the protection of personal data. Any personal information which is shared by the user/member on any of the pages or services of the website, is solely used for smooth operation of the corresponding page and the legality of the transaction, and is not allowed to be used by a third party, if the law N.2472/97, which protects personal data, is not adhered to as is in effect every time.

All personal data shared in is solely used by the “Company” the services of which the member has chosen in order to support, promote or execute a transaction. operates under Hellenic and EU law and safeguards all personal data submitted by the user/member for as long as he is registered in any of its services. Such data is deleted when there is no longer a transaction.

The account owner (member) is responsible for the use of his password as well as for keeping it safe and secret and has to notify immediately if a third party has made unauthorized use of his account or if his email account has been breached (hacked). reserves the right to automatically ban a user/member from using its website and its services if these terms are breached.

The data kept on record can be forwarded to the appropriate judicial, police or administrative authorities should we be requested to legally and according to the laws in effect. The user has the right, according to the law concerning the privacy of communications, to be informed and to object as it is stated in articles 11 to 13 of law 2472/1997.